Oil on canvas

 About Sam:

I like the burning feeling your lungs ache with when you push yourself to the physical limit during a morning run. I am fond of chewing on crushed ice under an almost unbearably hot shower, the sting of crisp mint mouth wash after swishing the blue liquid between my teeth, and wearing a perfect pair of tight blue jeans with only a comfortable bra on up top. I enjoy encompassing myself in vociferous music behind the wheel of a decent car while speeding down a long highway, and the nickname my grandfather gave to me as a child. I only fancy the rain when it stops, and I love the deep roar of thunder above monstrous purple storm clouds.

I find those who embarrass others when their children are present distasteful, and dislike when my eyes scream of fatigue. I have an aversion to discovering any sort of hair in my food, especially when I have to surgically remove a resilient strand disgustingly from my mouth. I detest what humidity does to my hair, and how the heavy air seems to cling to your already moist skin, making you feel sticky and uncharacteristically claustrophobic. I am repulsed by the scent of beer–the stench nauseates me due to a very bad college experience. And I have a particular loathing for speaking on the phone under any circumstance.

I am also pretty lazy lol and don’t update as often as I should. But I keep fairly busy–I like to work, especially when the pay is good (haha).


About Shenanigans: 

Composed of a collection of both literary and artistic work.

*Myriad of content included–View at your own risk!!*

Please don’t flame or ignorantly bash–save those types of comments to yourself; same goes for those who rant about sexuality, religion, politics (seriously, wtf). Nobody cares.

Constructive criticism welcome!/Blatant bashing GTFO.

Please credit if you use a picture for whatever reason.


Acrylic on canvas


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